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The Shigeo & Megumi Takayama Foundation was created by Mr. and Mrs. Shigeo Takayama in order to help create a society that assures fulfilling and enriching ways of life for all people - a community that respects and supports both children and the elderly.

Principal Activities:

  1. The Foundation believes that quality education provides the basis for leading fulfilling lives. Access to quality education is not always assured, especially given social conditions such as war, disease and poverty. The Foundation supports innovative programs to support education, especially in communities of need in Asia.

  2. The Foundation identifies, highlights and supports models of home care and residential living for the elderly. Examples include residential care for culturally displaced communities and intergenerational care that combines facilities for children and the elderly.

  3. Advocacy and Training are important components to further innovation and assuring quality care in the community. The Foundation provides funds to organize seminars and workshops to inform participants so that they, in turn, can contribute to care giving in the community.

  4. The Foundation encourages and supports research, in the broad sense, to improve the quality of care for the elderly. Examples include the determination of needs of caregivers, interventions to improve care giving by family members and adaptation of technology to assure quality care in nursing homes.
Founded: December 22, 1997
Mailing Address: St. Jakobs-Strasse 17 4052 Basel, Switzerland
Founder: Shigeo Takayama
Board of Directors: Igor Rusek
Werner Strub
Wolfgang Strub
Martina Hostansky
Paul Schmid


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