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Supporting Quality in Life

The most vulnerable in our society are the young and the elderly. Education is key for children, its access and quality important components that assure outcomes not only for individuals but for generations. As the proportion of the elderly continues to grow, the compassion of a society may be measured in how care is provided to those with physical or mental needs.

The Shigeo and Megumi Takayama Foundation was founded in 1997 to provide support to individuals and organizations to improve access to quality education and to assure better quality of life for the elderly, especially those with dementia.

The Foundation provides grants in the following program areas:
Education, especially in communities in Asia
Models of home care and residential living for the elderly
Advocacy and Training programs for caregivers
Academic research on improving quality of care for the elderly

The Foundation envisions a world in which all people - both young and old - can live life to the full.


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